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This is MY story!

Title: This is my story!
Author: chincheetoh
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 [Yuffie x Vincent]
Rating: T
Type: Drabble
Genre: Romance/ Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy 7 and all it's related charactes, but the storyline is mine.
Summary: “God dammit, Vinny! Stop worrying! This is MY story!” Yuffie yelled at Vincent Valentine."
A/N: This is a silly little drabble, but I like it. Enjoy!

This is my story!

“God dammit, Vinny! Stop worrying! This is MY story!” Yuffie yelled at Vincent Valentine, startling him. Vincent was pretty sure that it was his story currently, but he wouldn’t bother arguing with the pouting ninja in his arms. How she had managed to jump on top of a fruit cart and then fall off, spraining her ankle was a mystery to him. But, seeing her limp about the market, determined to finish the shopping mission Tifa had assigned them, was almost to pathetic to watch. So, being the perfect gentle man he was, he scooped her up and paid for the groceries she had been lugging around. Now, they were currently heading back to 7th heaven, but Yuffie had seen it fit to whine about her current state.

“I mean, come on! I can limp! I’m not paralyzed! Put me down!” She fumed and glared at Vincent, but he ignored and continued walking, trying not to upset the groceries he had set in her lap.

“AAAGH! I’m the great ninja Yuffie! VINNY! DO AS I SAY! DROP ME NOW, YOU BIG LUG!” Yuffie yelled, her face turning red. Vincent stopped and sighed. He glanced down at Yuffie, who was sticking her tongue out at him and shifting the bags filled with food into different positions.

“Yuffie. I will not put you, because you’ll slow me down. Please, be pleasant?” Vincent asked his voice monotonous.

Yuffie paused, seeming to ponder his offer, but shook her head. “Hum… No.” Before Vincent could argue further, they had arrived at 7th heaven, and Yuffie held the bags in her arms, preparing to jump into the door way. Vincent caught on, though, and let her glide out of his arms, but not before grabbing her free hand. This time, Yuffie seemed to have no complaints, but turned slightly red and hopped into the bar.

“Tifa! TIFA! We got your food!” Yuffie called into the bar, dragging Vincent to the counter. She unceremoniously dropped the bags onto the metal and waited for Vincent to sit down. He sat on a red stool, though he still didn’t let go of her hand. Yuffie had tint of red on her cheeks, but looked determined.

“Your punishment for being stupid is for me to sit on your lap. That way I’ll embarrass you in friend of your ‘boys’ or whatever.” Yuffie declared, and plopped onto his lap. Vincent felt like smiling at her antics, but took to sighing and wrapping their entwined hands around her waist. He could see the tips of her ears turning red, and felt himself gice off a ghost of a smile. It seemed as though she would be entertaining him or giving him headaches until they were old. …Not that he would have it any other way.


Hope you liked it. 8D And if you'd like updates from me, I usually post all the time on my account:
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