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intro and drabble, yo

Ello all *waves*

Im forgottenranger, but you can all call me Willow if you like.
I'm a pretty damn big fan of Vincent Valentine and look foreward to meeting all of you, yo!

Anyways, I do videos and write. Im currently stuck with writers block of the worst kind, however, Vincent seems to be a rather helpful muse.

So heres a drabble about Vincent.
Its short, its vague its not my best but enjoy anyway!

Warning, blood.

How did it come to this?
Staring down at the mess or torn fabric and flesh, he remembered.
He could see every step taken to bring him here, in the cold and the dark. He could see it as clearly as he could the blood pooling around his dulled boots.
Back to the very beginning.
Every mistake, every crime.
Every single moment of hesitation.
Every Sin.
Carefully he licked clean the gleaming metal encasing his left arm, shuddering at the mix of texture and taste. Warm blood on cool steel.
It was worth it though, somehow. Inside the beast murmured its satisfaction and again fell quiet.
Despite knowing, Vincent had to wonder, how did it come to this?
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